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What is Output Management? 


Output Management (OM) is a term that is still rather unfamiliar, or not yet clearly defined, in the IT world. According to Wikipedia, Output Management is essentially "the creation, production and management of electronic or physical documents that are available for distribution to the intended recipients within or outside of an enterprise. [Translation]"

An Output Management System (OMS) can therefore be seen as a complex overall process management system with multiple interfaces.

From a company perspective, there are two decisive factors for implementing a modern OMS:

  • On the one hand, the quantity of company output is continually growing while at the same time becoming more customised. This increases the cost pressure and simultaneously the complexity of the information. Both problems - cost efficiency and simplification - are resolved by a modern Output Management System.
  • On the other hand, the growth in modern electronic communication methods, based on various platforms, has led to increasing demands on company IT resources, which stand-alone solutions and platform concepts can no longer adequately meet. Standardised, company-wide Output Management solutions provide the necessary transparency and relief within the IT landscape.

With DocuMatrix software solutions, you have a unique product line available that unifies all of the advantages of an Output Management System. Thanks to our system independence, we are also able to integrate highly sophisticated systems and data landscapes according to a customer's needs.