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dmDOC - interactive document creation

dmDOC is a browser-based, interactive tool for the guided composition and creation of intelligent documents. Aided by comprehensive block and template administration, dmDOC creates personalised and dynamic documents, administering these at a central location.

The numerous deficits of conventional text processing are rectified by dmDOC, yet the individuality of the output is retained.

dmDOC operates as a web application, completely independent of the local text processing and operating system, and thus can be used by companies for a broad spectrum of documents.

dmDOC process chart
dmDOC process chart
dmDOC user administration
dmDOC user administration
dmDOC brick administration
dmDOC brick administration
dmDOC template administration
dmDOC template administration
dmDOC draft overview
dmDOC draft overview

dmDOC - advantages at a glance

An application for specialist departments and operational staff

dmDOC functions as a web platform and is easy to apply. No longer must company IT resources be unnecessarily expended for creating special templates. The composition of the individual blocks or templates is accomplished directly by trained designers in the respective specialist areas.

Adherence to company-internal CI rules and compliance by means of guided documentation creation

Creation procedures can be controlled through the use of a structure based on templates and building blocks. In contrast to conventional text processing, CI specifications are integrated into dmDOC and thus allow little room for error.

Quicker time to market through process-oriented document creation

The reaction speed in customer communications as well as operational speed in document creation is increased through the use of dmDOC. This not only leads to quicker time to market but also to a more rapid return on investment.

Format-free technology and system-independent data interfaces

dmDOC is independent of common back-office and text-processing technologies. As an interface communicator, dmDOC supports all standard data types with regard to input and output.

A multitude of applications possibilities according to customer needs - customising

Depending on customer requirements, dmDOC can be supplemented by and expanded with a variety of applications.
Here are some examples:

  • Multilingual module
  • Filters for special regional or local aspects
  • Approval workflow and rules
  • Workbench
  • Notification Center / messaging system

Detailed information can be found in the product folder