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docPIPE - the process manager


docPIPE is a comprehensive Enterprise Output Management System (EOMS) that deploys and monitors your entire document creation. In doing so, it also serves as a flexible integration platform a diverse range of input and output systems.

docPIPE ensures the trouble-free interoperation of databases, applications, printers, formatters, sorting machines and archiving systems. All operations can be easily administered via the web user-interface. Thus, the entire company output remains visible at a glance!

docPIPE process chart
docPIPE process chart

docPIPE - advantages at a glance

Enterprise Output Management System

docPIPE is the centrepiece of your Output Management System. The process manager is not only responsible for print output, rather for the trouble-free handling of the entire output. It starts with the interface to the input systems, continues to the document creation process using docTYPE and dmDOC, and ends with post-processing, in which the documents are appropriately prepared for delivery-ready status for printing, email, archiving, etc.

Much more than just a print monitor

The docPIPE Control Center provides a unique total overview of a company's output. The monitoring system watches over every output – regardless of whether centralised print, distributed print, email or PDF preview. The control system not only indicates possible errors in output generation, it also offers additional analysis and debugging tools for error correction. Moreover, the Control Center serves as the base for comprehensive reporting and meets all requirements for optimum IT compliance.

Integration platform

docuPIPE is an integration platform for all formatting and editing processes. docTYPE and dmDOC are incorporated in the docPIPE System as integral components. That provides for top reliability and performance. Data preparation is handled centrally in an environment where the appropriate expertise is available.

docPIPE - Output Management System as an integration platform


ACTUAL situation output management
ACTUAL situation output management


ACTUAL situation in many companies

The various solutions and applications operate independently and each one handles creation of the desired output without any central coordination.


  • Redundant developments in differing environments
  • No complete support of the present output devices (different types of printers and manufacturers) and desired output targets, such as printing, preview, email, PDF, archiving or fax.
TARGET situation output management
TARGET situation output management


TARGET situation with docPIPE

If possible, the applications only deliver net data.

The Output Management System handles the corresponding preparation.


  • The delivery systems only take care of their core task.
  • Data preparation is handled centrally in an environment where the appropriate expertise is available.
  • The various output devices can be easily controlled and made available to all applications.
  • The various output channels can be implemented uniformly and easily controllable for all delivery systems.

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