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docTYPE -
the high performance formatter


docTYPE is a high-performance formatter for personalised mass and single documents. It imports, interprets and formats your data to create the desired document.

In dynamic documents, docTYPE lays out text, design, graphics and charts according to the customer profile, company rules and user input. In doing this, docTYPE operates as the core of your customer communication.

In the interactive document creation process, dmDOC can be viewed as a supplier.

docTYPE process chart
docTYPE process chart

docTYPE - the evolution in document creation


From data stream to document

The data are made available as a net data stream. docTYPE takes care of the formatting and preparation. By means of dmDOC, the corresponding templates can be maintained and documents created via the user-friendly web user-interface.

High performance

A significant technological advantage of docTYPE is its powerful performance in high-volume output production. As a high-performance formatter, it optimally utilises system-related resources and can be ideally deployed by large companies and in corporate structures.

The advantages of a dynamic formatter

Dynamic formatting means intelligent formatting. By means of data-controlled document creation, complex rules can be combined together with globally defined formatting specifications in a document. This results in a perfect product, in which page breaks can be automatically set and page-based specifications correctly defined, for example.

Increase productivity while lowering costs

docTYPE lowers overall costs through simple document creation that is independent of the target format, and the comprehensive support of physical and virtual digital output channels. Preprinted forms are eliminated by the automation. Concurrently, less user input and fewer process steps are necessary, which in turn leads to a significant increase in productivity.

Conclusion: The run-of-the-mill serial letter from your text processing program is now a thing of the past!

Migration from existing formatting solutions

Thanks to its dynamic document creation and the available tagging tool, docTYPE can very quickly replace existing solutions. In case of an existing CompuSet environment, docTYPE can be used as a 1:1 substitute and replacement for CompuSet.

Detailed information can be found in the product folder