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DocuMatrix Cloud

As an alternative to outsourcing, we can also offer you the option of handling your output as a service in terms of a cloud solution. In this case, the individual production processes are accomplished; output generation and the systems of the environment remain within the company. With our products, we take on the entire output creation and output management.

We consider a cloud solution to be a secure, domestic site-based server structure that we would select, implement and maintain according to the highest quality criteria.

Along with the general advantages that an outsourcing strategy has to offer, there are additional advantages for companies:

  • Handling by means of a professional Output Management product suite
    With dmDOC interactive document creation, the high-performance formatter docTYPE and the Output Management System docPIPE, we are able to optimally meet your requirements.
  • Controlling centralised and distributed printers
    With docPIPE in the "cloud", we utilise and control your company's existing printing system. Via docPIPE, you also have direct access to print jobs at the local level.
  • "Direct support" from the service provider
    It is not necessary to set up a complicated support agreement (first level and/or second level). As a service provider, we guarantee optimum reliability of the processes.
  • Workload relief for the specialist and IT departments
    As a result of the taking over of output tasks, workload relief at the specialist level (e.g. document creation) and the IT level (output management) is assured.