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Sustainable IT at DocuMatrix

Resource conservation has been a priority at DocuMatrix over the past 10 years

Energy consumption has significantly increased over recent years due to the continuous increase in data. The high power and performance requirements of data centres and server rooms is expressed in their immense power consumption. As a software developer, DocuMatrix has introduced appropriate energy saving measures as a conscious way to counteract significant consumption.

In the spirit of Green IT and Green Computing, DocuMatrix is making efforts to establish environmentally friendly information technologies. The focus is on developing sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, with DocuMatrix thus assuming long-term responsibility for people and the preservation of the environment.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, DocuMatrix is working hard to minimise its environmental footprint. Ensuring environmentally friendly and resource-efficient operations is an essential component of DocuMatrix’s business strategy – as it has been for the past 10 years.

The measures at a glance

  1. Office building self-sufficient in energy
  2. Development of resource-saving software
  3. Paperless operation of the company
  4. Green hosting for cloud solutions
  5. Regionality in IT

Office building self-sufficient in energy

DocuMatrix’s main office meets the requirements for a low-energy building with all of the features listed below. The installed photovoltaic system on the roof has an area of 123 m2 and produces an average of 48 kW of electricity per day. The current produced in this way is used to heat and cool the building, charge electric cars and operate the company’s energy-efficient servers. The current power consumption of the low-energy DocuMatrix building is approx. 108 kWh/day.
DocuMatrix aims to achieve completely sustainable business process management in the long term, acting in accordance with corporate social responsibility.

Development of resource-saving software

DocuMatrix has also set the goal of developing in-house solutions that are powerful and also save energy. All products and solutions feature extremely high efficiency, achieved thanks to fast computing power, and the energy consumption is always kept low. Solutions from DocuMatrix enable users to optimize their business processes and save resources with a plan. This all-encompassing approach makes it possible for banks and insurance companies to design paperless, short on-boarding processes that are also responsive.

This gives retail companies, for example, the option to manage their logistics processes based on real-time data, which saves tonnes of CO2. There are several opportunities to introduce and maintain paperless operation in retail, such as with electronic price tags which have been developed by DocuMatrix for several years now.

Paperless operation of the company

Being on the cutting edge of the future is hugely important at DocuMatrix, and the issue of paperless operation is a part of this. Through sustainable and efficient internal sequences, it has been possible for the company to design almost completely paperless business activities. In the next few years, the owners would also like to optimize the tasks in the back office, with the goal of complete paperless operation.

Green hosting for cloud solutions

Since 2021, DocuMatrix has also offered customers the option to use their products and solutions on a cloud basis. Since the company has delegated the cloud solution to a green hosting provider in the DACH region, more valuable resources can be saved and climate- and environmentally friendly operation can be ensured. The DocuMatrix cloud that was created now includes a complete IT landscape and is operated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Regionality in IT

DocuMatrix has taken an active and deliberate stance against any near-shoring and off-shoring of IT services. All services are rendered at 4 of its own locations in the centre of Europe in collaboration with strong regional partners. This not only ensures safety against crises, but also achieves independence for the European IT sector, thereby ensuring complete transparency. Furthermore, DocuMatrix guarantees compliance with European standards in the implementation of environmentally friendly measures.
The listed measures show that, even in medium-sized companies in Austria, sustainable business in IT is both possible and worthwhile.

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