Digitalisation & automation in client reporting for banks
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Digitalisation & automation
in client reporting for banks

Automate your client reporting processes with DocuMatrix software

The list of client reporting processes is long: Overviews at the beginning of the year, portfolio insights, tax certificates, reporting in the investment sector and account statements – then private and business clients on top of that. The time that departments need to generate detailed reports for various customers is a major cost factor in companies. With DocuMatrix software, you can digitalise your client reporting processes and automate a large share of them. This saves valuable time throughout the entire company and ensures that all documents are free of errors.

The advantages of client reporting with DocuMatrix software

Automation is key

Automation in client reporting saves you time and prevents errors in the reporting process.

Individuality despite mass processes

Large volumes of individual data are handled in the shortest possible time on different portals.

Integrated quality assurance

Quality assurance is ensured even in mass processing – throughout the entire process.

Digital documents in client reporting

The main advantage of digitalising client reporting in the banking sector is that it is paper-free. You can also reach your customers more easily through their preferred channels. Portfolio overviews, account statements and tax certificates can be generated and retrieved digitally using DocuMatrix products. Customers get their documents quicker and production costs in the company are drastically reduced (for instance, printing and franking costs).

Automation of client reporting

In addition to individual reports, batch documents must be created regularly for client reporting, for instance at the beginning of the year or quarter. These generate mass outputs and regularly block valuable resources in specialist departments (for example, working time and printing resources).
With DocuMatrix software, you can create your regular reports in the shortest possible time in spite of the incredible amounts of data. Reporting is done completely automatically, for all defined company areas and independently at the push of a button. You no longer need server farms, and can save resources. DocuMatrix software also gives you the option of transactional data processing. That means that customers can generate their reports themselves in the tool if they want, and at any time.

Dynamic views in various customer portals

Digital portfolio overviews benefit your customers and the environment. Not only do you save valuable resources, but you can also respond individually to customer requests when creating reports and thus improve the user experience.
With DocuMatrix software, your customers can independently generate various reports online from a central location and at the push of a button. The reports have a customisable and responsive display. This way, customers can decide for themselves how they want the financial development to be displayed graphically (for instance, with bar, line or point diagrams) and what information they receive (cf. large vs. small investors). The software operates according to the single point of change principle, according to which data only needs to be entered once to generate a dynamic template. This then adapts seamlessly to different output media such as apps, portals and PDFs. Switching between the output and input languages is possible without any problems in order to serve even multilingual markets in compliance with the law.

Opening international markets

Our software solutions for the banking sector help you to open up new international markets. The software follows the single point of change principle, which also works in multiple languages without additional effort. This means you can easily generate documents in different languages.

Mass processing of documents

Some data cannot be delivered digitally to the end customer due to legal requirements or special customer requests. When printing this sensitive data, however, the utmost care must be taken to maintain high quality and reduce sources of error. However, this usually means a lot of manual work and blocked resources in the company, especially if masses of documents have to be processed by certain deadlines.
DocuMatrix software lets you print quickly and securely, not least because it has proven itself as the fastest tool on the market for processing batch documents. The software also interacts with camera-based quality assurance systems (such as Web Inspector, Closed Loop, etc.) and records the printing process in a traceable manner. So you know where and when printing takes place, when documents are inserted in envelopes and when which documents go to the mail room. This means all process data is traceable, data can be tracked even after it has left the system and shipments can be tracked as well. Track your data throughout the entire system, even beyond the borders of the company, all the while reducing the amount of necessary work and possible sources of error.

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