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Digital client onboarding
for banks

Bring your customer onboarding processes into the 21st century

Digital onboarding is a must in today’s digital business world. We support your onboarding process and give you the tools you need to simplify your business operations in the front and back office. With a perfect and uncomplicated digital onboarding process, you gain market advantages and simplify certain workflows such as the KYC process, contract management or the step towards internationalisation.

The advantages in digital onboarding with DocuMatrix software

Time savings and cost reduction

Digital collaboration in the onboarding process significantly reduces the processing time of the operations.

Use across markets

The resulting process is applicable to different target markets thanks to the advantages of the software.

Enhanced user experience

Through digital processes, you increase interaction as well as customer satisfaction. 

Digital onboarding with DocuMatrix software solutions at a glance

Simplified KYC inspection

Client review based on internally defined conditions or regulatory requirements is essential in banking. This is the only way to know exactly which customer fits your bank and also to comply with all legal requirements.
Our software helps you organise and orchestrate this external process. This is how you can define in advance which data is important to you, whereby you can automatically include it in various application processes and forward it internally.
Throughout the entire process, our software documents every mouse click to meet even the highest level of compliance.

Collaborative work in a document

With our software, your team can directly exchange information digitally with customers. Week-long processing times, which are typical for onboarding processes, can be reduced to just a few days.
Using our solutions, your entire team can work on the process together with customers. This means questions can be asked specifically and support can be given interactively. You save yourself the generation of multiple copies of documents and enable automated and transparent processes throughout the company. All processes also follow a high compliance standard, because every change is documented.

Make your processes paper-free and completely digital!

Enhanced user experience

Customer satisfaction is a decisive factor for success these days, because satisfied customers remain loyal to your company.
Our software ensures easy-to-use and customer-friendly processes. Many processes are automated and can lead to the desired result in the shortest possible time. Our product also allow you to carry out multilingual business operations in various communication channels and – in spite of standardisation – to address and correspond with customers individually. This means you can specifically address the needs and demands of different customer groups.

Contract management

At the end of a successful onboarding process comes contract management. Save time down the line with our software by collecting the necessary data for investment contracts, account opening, etc. at the client onboarding stage. Based on the collected data, all subsequent contracts can be created dynamically and individually with the help of our products. In compliance with data conformity and thanks to the targeted documentation of each individual process step, compliant contracts are generated with unambiguous information that leaves no room for interpretation.

Your path to internationalisation

Gain valuable competitive advantages by reaching multiple target markets and different customer groups with just one system. 

Our software can make your work processes so dynamic and generic that you can intuitively navigate any market. 

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