Digitalisation of insurance sales processes
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Digitalisation of insurance sales processes

Digitalise your entire sales process with DocuMatrix software

Insurance sales processes are confronted with numerous documents right when an application is first received, which are used in practice in both generic and personalised form. Compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations plays a major role here. DocuMatrix products let you communicate with your customers in a personalised manner throughout the entire sales process as well as maintain maximum efficiency. By digitalising workflows, you ensure quality, increase throughput speed, avoid process errors and digitalise your new customer files from the very beginning.

Digitalisation of insurance sales with DocuMatrix software

Sales templates can be updated

The single point of change principle makes it possible to update insurance templates and text modules over decades.

Traceability and transparency

Integrated versioning and release processes mean that all changes can be tracked at any time.

Prevention of errors

Digitalising sales processes prevents errors throughout the company and ensures uniformly high standards.

Increase in customer satisfaction

With DocuMatrix software, even automatically created documents feel personal.

Creation of sales documents with DocuMatrix software

In sales processes, the widest range of documents, from insurance applications and offers to consultation protocols, must fulfil different requirements in terms of content, layout and creation process.
The templates in sales processes are based on legal regulations, content from the legal departments and the requirements from marketing and sales.
With the single point of change principle, DocuMatrix software makes it possible to store content from the various documents one time in the system as a text module. This means that adjustments to the content can be made very quickly and easily by the specialist departments (e.g. sales, contract department, etc.).
The specifications for the layout (fonts, logos, etc.) are defined centrally for all templates. This guarantees that each document complies with the applicable CI guidelines.

Standardisation of different distribution channels

The sale of insurance products can be carried out by different people and companies, but due to the individual starting points, they are not standardised and do not have a uniform system. However, how the insurance company presents itself to customers should be as uniform and professional as possible. This means brokers, sales representatives and partners need the right tools to be able to create consistent sales documents as easily and efficiently as possible.
DocuMatrix software systems can be integrated into all common peripheral systems and make is possible to react to different circumstances through customisation and standardised interfaces. In this way, you can integrate all sales options into your system landscape and present a uniform front to the outside world.

Personalised communication on multiple channels

As varied as customers and their requirements are, so, in the best case scenario, are the documents in the sales process.
This ranges from the channel that starts the sales process to the content that is presented. The ideal system integrates personal data and product combinations in various sales channels such as websites, apps or broker systems. It should also be possible to vary the presentation of the content, for instance to include different brand templates or an accessible font for older people. This is how you can ensure fast processes, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and increase transparency.
DocuMatrix software helps you do this with dynamic templates, case-based data rendering and system multilingualism.
The software can be easily integrated into existing IT systems and lets internal and external employees as well as customers work together on documents. It also enables the digitalisation of questionnaires as well as the integration of electronic signatures in the system.

Quality assurance in sales processes

Sales documents are legally binding and are the first documents that customers receive from their insurance company. That is why it is in the interest of every insurance company to ensure the quality of the sales process on a sustainable basis and to operate in accordance with the highest standards. However, the complexity of the sales process is increasing exponentially, for instance due to the combination of insurance products, which makes manual quality assurance impossible. Insurance documents are also partly created automatically and sent directly, which rules out additional monitoring by the specialist departments.
With DocuMatrix software, however, you can provide assistance for this process in the long term, for example by defining overarching CI rules and having automated processes supported by integrated tests including a staging concept. Additional quality assurance measures allow for additional elements based on machine learning. The result is a uniform, professional external image that is sent to the end customers in compliance with CI rules and free of errors.

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