Quality assurance in insurance company communication
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Quality assurance in the customer communication processes of insurance companies

Ensure high quality standards with DocuMatrix software

Preventing errors in insurance document processes is a top priority. This not only provides security in cases of disputes or problems, but also increases customer satisfaction and contributes to a positive image. However, the amount of work for manually inspecting all documents is large and does not guarantee that there will be no errors. 

DocuMatrix solutions help to ensure quality throughout all communication processes. This means digital verification of documents is possible, the traceability of approval processes is given and the algorithm also contributes to error prevention in the future with machine learning.

The advantages of quality assurance with DocuMatrix software

Prevention of errors

Content testing and approval, as well as guided document creation, help prevent errors proactively.

Detection of errors

Approval processes and manual checks allow errors to be detected before a document leaves the company.

Learning from errors

Traceability during creation, comments and versioning make it possible to increase the quality of customer communication.

Preliminary quality assurance of documents

Preventing errors in documents before they are created and reach the end customers is more efficient and costs your company the least. With DocuMatrix software, you can check all document content (for example, entire templates, individual modules or layout definitions) before they even enter production. In addition, it is also possible to test modules, from design to production. You can also define specific test cases that are automatically carried out for quality assurance purposes. In the end, your documents will be error-free and the work needed for manual quality assurance will be reduced enormously.

Quality assurance when editing templates

By introducing quality assurance processes when editing document templates, you give your employees security and also increase the satisfaction of the team. The specialist departments are guided through the document creation process step by step and templates are used in a targeted manner to prevent errors. With DocuMatrix software, you can, for instance, define valid input areas in advance and block elements whose context should not be edited. This way, users only focus on the areas relevant to them, only change the necessary information and do not generate errors in the rest of the document.

Approval of documents for quality assurance purposes

By making sure documents are not sent incorrectly, direct costs such as production and franking are reduced. Damage to the company’s reputation can also be avoided. With DocuMatrix software, you can subject the created documents to quality assurance processes by the specialist departments before they leave the company. Both automatically created documents, such as policies, and individualised documents, such as doctor’s requests, can be inspected. For automated inspection, you can also create criteria (for instance invoice total x, 10% of total, etc.) to sort out documents that are then reviewed manually. Despite automation, the approval and rejection process of each document can be traced with the click of a mouse.

Machine learning for quality assurance purposes

By using the latest technologies, such as machine learning, it is possible to detect errors that we do not yet know today could occur tomorrow. The use of algorithms to automatically check documents is especially useful when the resources for manual inspection are not available.
With DocuMatrix software, you get QAML, a module that can be used to automatically inspect documents using a neural network. The result is a definable action, such as notification of an error, manual review or termination of processing. Our QAML also provides a basic neural network that expands over time.

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