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The sequence of projects
with DocuMatrix

Our 4-phase concept for applying innovations in your IT system

DocuMatrix products and software systems are mostly used in business-critical areas and processes. This means they are also literally at the heart of your company.
That is why we are true to the motto “prove to whom you are eternally bound” to ensure that these systems and concepts really do fit perfectly with the company’s goals and the surrounding IT landscape.

The following approach has proven successful for ensuring just this.

Project sequence for the integration of DocuMatrix products into your IT landscape


1. Definition of Scope (5-40 working days)

Since our software and systems are deeply involved in your work processes, it must be clear to everyone concerned what needs to be done. In the Definition of Scope, we set the right goals together, create a realistic timeline and get clarity about the outcome. We also discuss the extent of intervention, set limits and define non-goals. However, for very large projects, what-if scenarios and exit strategies also play a major role.

2. Proof of Concept (1-30 working days)

Especially when it comes to larger projects, a Proof of Concept is essential to clearly demonstrate the advantages of our products for your IT system landscape and your company. This is also how we ensure that your new system is target-oriented and makes sense for your company’s direction and brings sustainable improvements to your workflow.

3. Proof of Value (1-10 working days)

We start a Proof of Value to ensure that your investments in new IT solution and software for business communication have the desired effect on your work processes. Here we determine exactly how your work processes will change and evaluate the impact on your business. Ideally, this is where a decision is made concerning what will change for you and your processes in terms of efficiency, speed, throughput time, resource savings and many other factors.

4. Implementation

After a successful Proof of Value, we start applying your new IT solution together. Intensive customer contact and compliance with all set schedules are especially important to us. You can count on an extremely short time-to-market in our projects. For more information, take a look at our references or read some of our exciting project reports.

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