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The future vision of DocuMatrix

DocuMatrix –
an owner-managed company with a vision for the future

In September 2021, the founding members of DocuMatrix, Andrea and Josef Gruber, handed the company over to their sons, Markus and Gerhard Gruber. The handover had been planned since 2012, when the new CEOs decided to lead the owner-managed company into the future with a long-term plan. This decision also marked the beginning of construction of the current company headquarters in Einsiedl, Lower Austria.

The previous CEOs gradually withdrew from active operations, resulting in a deliberate handover period of nearly 10 years. This enabled a constructive exchange of knowledge between generations, between experience from the past and innovation of the future.

What has changed at DocuMatrix since the acquisition?

Now in 2022, DocuMatrix is positioned differently than it was 10 years ago. The company currently has about 30 employees working at 4 locations, one main company (DocuMatrix GmbH) and one subsidiary (DocuMatrix Switzerland AG).

The work structure has also adapted to the 21st century. The entire team attaches great importance to preserving the knowledge and experience from the past and creating new innovations for the future. Regular steps have also been taken to assure compliance and quality.

The company has also developed from a pure service provider into a software developer over the last 20 years. The current DocuMatrix service portfolio now also includes software as a service. Together with numerous licence partners, customers are supported with professional service in their respective countries.


What will stay the same at DocuMatrix in the future?

In spite of all the innovations, the two CEOs, Markus and Gerhard Gruber, will stick to the original company values.

The following points will also remain unchangeable in the company:

1. Long-term customer retention

The company’s top priority is customer retention, because in a fast-moving and changeable displacement market, customer satisfaction is the most important factor. This means the company will continue to grow with the challenges of its customers and adapt the software individually to their needs.

2. The highest level of quality

DocuMatrix products and services meet the highest quality standards, and will continue to do so in the future. This is how DocuMatrix will continue to support its customers in ensuring the quality of their corporate communication.

3. 100% in-house development

100% of DocuMatrix software comes from our own company. The entire product stack has been built up in-house over the last 20 years with a lot of investment and knowledge. The continued development of the core products will also be done exclusively in-house in the future.

4. Meeting on equal terms

The collaboration of the DocuMatrix team and the interaction with customers are open, personal and collegial. Thanks to short official channels, innovations can be implemented quickly and flexibly. The company’s existing customers greatly appreciate this, so it will continue to ensure this in the future.

What are the prospects of DocuMatrix for the next 10 – 20 years?

In the last 5 years, DocuMatrix was mainly focused on the continued development of the docPIPE 5 product as well as the enhancements of the dmDOC user interface. One of the main topics, quality assurance through machine learning, will continue to be a major focus at the company in the future. Users can also expect innovations in the content area.

The company structure will continue to focus on stable and continuous growth of about 10% per year. Expansion into other European markets will also be continued. The top priority is expanding market shares throughout Europe. As DocuMatrix is the provider of the newest and most innovative communication solution on the market, the chances of achieving this are very good with advancing digitalisation.

In order to gain a greater share of the market, more emphasis will be placed on local sales partnerships in the future. This will also benefit customers, because having strong local partners who understand the regional conditions on the market are the best way to build faith in the product.

Another major concern of the CEOs is energy independence of the entire company. With efficient processes and their own photovoltaic system, they are already very close to achieving this goal, but would like to continue working towards it in the near future. They also help their customers reduce energy use in their own companies, because DocuMatrix products reduce the use of resources throughout the company and are highly efficient in terms of computing power.

DocuMatrix is watching the current upheavals on the market and the constant acquisitions with calm interest. As a tradition-oriented, innovative and owner-managed company, no sales are planned.


Assessments of future prospects for the Austrian ICT sector

DocuMatrix believes: “Together is better!”

That means not only internal but also external synergies are used. The collaboration with ICT-Austria is therefore the perfect opportunity to achieve common goals, to make the same demands on politics and society and to make a difference in the Austrian ICT sector together.

The lack of staff in the Austrian ICT landscape is something that we can bring into focus together. That is why DocuMatrix is prepared to promote staff training across borders and is already cooperating with numerous universities and technical colleges for this purpose.

However, customers are also crucial for promotion of the Austrian and European ICT landscape. If they rely on European services, they create crisis security and independence for entire regions – if they use offshore IT solutions, support and service provision could collapse at any time in uncertain times. Users should therefore choose to strengthen Europe and position the ICT sector as an independent actor, especially in times of global unrest.

In addition, we can all only guess what the technological developments of the next 50 years hold in store for us. What is certain is that the future is machine learning, AI and the continued technical networking of many areas of life.

In order to put Austria on the world map of technology, we should try to become pioneers of innovation – because these developments are coming. It would be ideal if our own country were strong enough and had enough skilled workers to drive this development forward.

Let’s strengthen Austria’s ICT landscape together.

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Article written by Markus und Gerhard Gruber

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