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We are happy to explain the technical terms of the industry to you in our lexicon. It can help you find all you need to know about output management and business communication management.


Business communication management

Business communication management (BCM) refers to business-relevant communication and correspondence with all involved stakeholders. These can be internal colleagues or external persons such as suppliers, partners or, of course, end customers. BCM covers all available communication channels. That means return channels (channels that serve customer -> company communication) and digital correspondence are also represented here. It is often also referred to as customer communication management.



Collaboration refers to joint editing of a document by different people. These people do not necessarily have to be in the same place.



In digitalisation, (business) processes are implemented using digital means, whereby an adaptation of the corresponding process is often required in order to take full advantage of the technologies. The ultimate goal is to make processes more efficient in the long term.


A document is a representation of data that can be read by humans. A document can be a printed sheet of paper, a PDF, an email, an SMS or message in a messaging system or even an entry in a customer portal.



Operating refers to when jobs waiting to be printed are distributed to the corresponding printers in a print centre. This distribution is managed by the print operators. Additional information is presented to help select the “right” device; this choice is influenced by the job size (number of pages), quality (colour), materials (for example logo paper, white, payment slip, etc.). In doing so, the machines for additional processing (for instance enveloping machines, camera-based QA systems, etc.) are also specified.

Output management

Output management handles the distribution of documents to a recipient. This used to be limited to printed documents. In the modern world, output management is rapidly moving in the direction of customer communication management or business communication management. This means that this area is assuming an increasingly important position in the value creation process.


Print centre

The print centre is where upcoming print jobs are printed, packaged and shipped. Print centres can be both in-house and external. There are often hybrid constellations, especially when very critical personal information has to be processed in the company.


Rendering engine

A rendering engine creates a document from data that can be read by humans. CI/CD and CW rules are used for this purpose. In addition, the framework conditions and requirement of the target channel must be fulfilled during rendering, meaning: Layout rules, such as emails, do not use page breaks, whereas letters do, an SMS contains only text and no images, etc.