Multichannel customer communication for insurance companies
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Multichannel customer communication for insurance companies

Benefit from the competitive advantages of an optimised customer experience

Unique customer experiences make for long-term customer loyalty.
That is why every insurance company should aim to continuously improve the customer experience. Stand out in the market with service innovations that put people at the centre of communication. Make your customer communication process transparent, interactive and entertaining with DocuMatrix solutions – and create valuable competitive advantages!

The advantages of multi-channel customer communication with DocuMatrix software

Customer focus

Offer your customers personalised communication on multiple channels.

Customised solutions

Stand out in the cut-throat market by offering the best service.

Reduction in response time

With DocuMatrix solutions, the response time for customer requests is significantly reduced.

Omnichannel communication approach for insurance companies

You can only be competitive in today’s cut-throat market if you can offer your customers significant added value through your services. A perfect customer experience ensures customer loyalty and a competitive edge. The digital revolution has created important new communication channels that need to be seamlessly connected to the existing ones. Today, customers expect to be contacted by e-mail and letter as well as through messenger services, portals, WhatsApp or other apps. DocuMatrix software helps you to do this with an omnicahnnel approach With the single point of change principle, you use modules and templates for customer communication that are centrally managed and updated. The solution always pulls the right data that is already available from the KYC process and remembers valuable additional information (such as the desired form of address or main channel of communication).

Customised communication solutions for your end customers

Over time, not only do the products of the insurance business change, but so do the needs of the customers and their demands. In order to keep policyholders in the company in the long term, customer communication should grow with them along with the insurance products. This starts with the appropriate communication style and ends with the appropriate communication channel.
DocuMatrix software always pulls the appropriate data from the CRM system in a dynamic manner to generate the right documents in a personalised way.
In addition to the content and the communication channel, the layout can also be adapted dynamically, for example to use a larger font for older customers.

Transparency in customer communication processes

In the past, every communication process, especially when processing benefits, was a “black box” from the customer’s point of view. Confirmations of benefit acceptance or benefit rejections often took weeks and were returned in the post. In the digital future, customers will expect to be informed and to be an integral part of business processes.
DocuMatrix software helps you enhance the customer experience and therefore increase competitiveness, because customers no longer have to wait weeks for answers. Thanks to DocuMatrix solutions, you can automate large parts of the communication process. Customers receive automatic and regular status updates on the processing of benefits (for example with push notification by SMS or messenger service). They can also find out about their submission on request in the portal or app, or work collaboratively with staff on a document in real time, for instance via chat.

In der Kundenkommunikation ersetzt kein Kanal den anderen!

Wir wissen, dass für die KundInnen der heutigen Zeit Flexibilität zählt. Versicherungen können daher mit unseren Lösungen auf Knopfdruck den Wunschkanal eines jeden Kunden anpassen, ohne den Arbeitsaufwand für sich selbst zu erhöhen.

Wir wissen zeitgleich auch, dass gesetzliche und regulatorische Vorgaben im Versicherungsprozess präzise eingehalten werden müssen.
Unsere Lösungen sind daher so optimiert, dass sie schnell und einfach alle Kommunikationskanäle zugleich oder im Wechsel bedienen können. Das simultane Kommunizieren auf traditionellen Kanälen (z.B. Brief oder E-Mail) und modernen Lösungen, wie Messenger oder App, ist daher problemlos möglich.

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