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How to replace DOPiX
quickly & easily

Icon GmbH was taken over by quadient – what does that mean for DOPiX?

The acquisition of Icon GmbH by quadient GmbH and the associated uncertainty for the future for the CCM programme DOPiX means many customers are facing major challenges and strategic decisions.

DOPiX was a print-focused communication platform that enabled complex and individualised correspondence for large companies for many years.

Insurance companies, banks and other companies for which individualised correspondence is very important are especially affected by this and have to look for a new customer communication management tool.

Why change from DOPiX to a new CCM tool?

As DOPiX is already an ageing tool and the company has now also been acquired, you should think about whether a quick change makes sense for your own company. Our experience has shown that such moments are always a good time to decide on new tools for the entire company.

In the long run, this also avoids the problem of the CCM tool no longer fitting into your system landscape or preventing innovations in the company, thus worsening your market position. For the possible risks, look at the example of CompuSet.

A quick and efficient change will also enable problem-free business activity in the future. That means rapid action is absolutely necessary to keep the business risk as low as possible.

How can you quickly & easily exchange DOPiX for a new CCM tool?

In order to guarantee the fastest and smoothest possible changeover process for your entire company, we run through a system-wide proof of concept together with you, in which we ensure the technical functionality of your system. At the same time, we work out the added value for your IT system in the proof of value.

You then have 2 options for the system changeover with us, which we will be happy to discuss with you:

1. Big Bang changeover from DOPiX to your new CCM tool

With the Big Bang changeover, we help you to create a new communication landscape in line with your current communication landscape over a predefined period of time and to change it over on the agreed date, opening up new possibilities in one fell swoop.

2. Smooth migration from DOPiX to your new CCM tool

We would of course also be happy to support you in the successive migration of your communication landscape to new systems. We also help you set the necessary roll-out phases and priorities in this process.

We at DocuMatrix have already been involved in the changeover from various CCM tools to DocuMatrix solutions and know how to ensure an efficient process.

Our CEO Markus Gruber  would be happy to provide you with individualised consultation on which process would be best for you and your company.

Benefits of switching to DocuMatrix products

There are many advantages for your system landscape in switching from the CCM DOPiX tool to DocuMatrix solutions:

  • Print and digital communication from a single source
    DocuMatrix solutions are made to simultaneously and effortlessly deliver to different channels such as print, archives and numerous digital communication channels. DOPiX, on the other hand, was a product with a heavy focus on print.


  • Multilingualism of the system
    All components of the DocuMatrix software are multilingual. This means you can serve different target markets from the same system and in the shortest possible time.


  • From one-dimensional communication to omni-channel solution
    Switching from DOPiX to DocuMatrix software supports the digitalisation of your company in a sustainable manner. Our solutions are not only a replacement for a print-focused CCM tool, but are fit for the future and effortlessly serve multiple communication channels such as messenger services, SMS, apps and e-mail.


  • Meet end customer requirements & reduce processing time
    DocuMatrix products help you respond to the individualised communication needs of your customers (e.g. channel, frequency, etc.) while reducing communication processing time thanks to ease of use and centralisation.


  • One single point of change
    Although with DocuMatrix solutions you can deliver to multiple and diverse communication channels, it is possible to manage all your corporate communication centrally from one point of contact.


DocuMatrix is looking forward to being your partner for the transition from the CCM DOPiX tool to a future fit solution.

We are already working intensively on tools that will facilitate this migration in the future so that replacing the existing DOPiX system will be even easier.

Our values are passion, innovation, expertise and longevity. We focus on the challenges of our customers and work with them to find the best solutions for the existing IT system landscape.

We know how the communication of tomorrow works and have been pursuing innovative paths in the field of software development for two generations.

Get to know us – it’s worth it!

We can help you to replace DOPiX quickly & easily!

Our team will be happy to advise you individually to initiate this change as quickly as possible.

Would you like more information? We can also advise you personally.