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Software for direct and interactive correspondence

Make your entire corporate communication direct and interactive with DocuMatrix products

The concerns of the customers and partners of an insurance company are highly individualised. That means the use cases of the daily operative business transactions cannot be fully automated and require a lot of manual effort. DocuMatrix products help your specialist departments handle corporate communication efficiently by reducing the processing time of business transactions with customisable templates. With DocuMatrix software, your staff can create individualised standard documents at the touch of a button, making interactive communication possible with different stakeholders on multiple channels.

The advantages of interactive communication with DocuMatrix software

Guided creation of documents

The manual effort needed for individual correspondence is drastically reduced by templates and modules.

Individualised documents despite standardisation

Despite standardisation, documents are created individually for customers, which increases quality and customer satisfaction.

Interactive collaboration in a document

Customers and your operational staff can collaborate interactively on many documents and save valuable processing time.

Independent of time and place

Companies, employees and customers can interact on various channels regardless of the time or place.

Advantages of interactive corporate communication

Respond more quickly to questions and concerns from customers and partners

The use of DocuMatrix products such as dmDOC, enables structured document creation and editing processes based on templates. This significantly reduces the manual workload for corporate communication. Analogue and digital daily mail, such as enquiries from doctors, questions about contract changes or benefit information, can be processed more quickly. The resulting fast, direct and personal correspondence between customers, partners and insurance companies is very individualised, which increases loyalty to the company. The highest level of quality is ensured to protect sensitive data and create flawless, legally binding documents. The digital traceability of every mouse click and the use of versioned templates and approval procedures make processes more transparent with fewer errors. DocuMatrix software can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding systems (for instance, insurance applications, archives, etc.) and enables smooth and fast communication processes where all relevant information can be retrieved at any time (such as contract information, documents from the archive, etc.).

Collaborative approval processes and workflows

Documents that leave the company are legally binding and must satisfy a high quality standard. On their way through the company, they usually pass through several specialist departments for processing and approval. With DocuMatrix software, depending on the context of a document (e.g. critical templates, VIP customer, etc.), an automated approval workflow can be initiated. Integrated and collaborative approval processes for template and document creation help users feel more secure in their daily work and also make it more efficient. DocuMatrix concepts also guarantee the traceability of the creation, editing and approval process of each document. Comment functions, substitute regulations and much more enable the collaborative creation of documents across departments. The integrated staging concept (design, quality assurance and production) when managing templates and modules ensures the quality of the content.

Company correspondence on multiple channels

Increasing customer demands and a wide range of communication technologies require a high degree of flexibility from companies. New technologies and channels rarely replace the existing ones – the spectrum of customer correspondence is noticeably expanding. This means insurance companies often have to communicate with their customers simultaneously in analogue and digital form. DocuMatrix software enables your company to create documents digitally, interactively and in collaboration with your customers or partners. The direct feedback accelerates the creation process, increases satisfaction and ensures quality at the same time. DocuMatrix products are also able to operate on all existing channels from a central system based on the omnichannel communication strategy. The central information hub works according to the single point of change principle. Content is managed centrally only once, but can be delivered to customers through several channels, such as chat functions, portals, HTML e-mails, PDFs or letters.

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