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How to replace CompuSet
quickly & easily

What is CompuSet in fact?

CompuSet is a data-driven, dynamic renderer that creates documents very quickly and flexibly on the basis of style definitions. CompuSet is a program from the 1970s, still in use today, that generates documents

CompuSet is maintenance-free since the mid-2000s – therefore in need of replacement.

However, as the original company was no longer in existence—after being sold, merged and taken over several times—in the early noughties a bridge was set up, enabling maintenance of the product to be continued. This was an attempt to bring what was actually a very successful program into the 21st century.

xPression CompuSet Bridge

A CompuSet extension that creates an interface between the document renderer and modern operating systems. The bridge was an attempt at providing the program with maintenance and service in the future. Unfortunately, the bridge did not offer the hoped-for solution.

However, since many companies depended on the use of CompuSet, this led to the fact that the program is still in use today.


How do you sustainably migrate a complete communication landscape that took years of hard work to set up, though?

To do this, you need a product that understands exactly what CompuSet has been performing and starts exactly at the point where you want to remove CompuSet. Best of all, painlessly, quickly and without a great deal of programming work.

In addition, the new product must be just as powerful and easy to maintain. However, it must also meet the requirements of the 21st century in terms of convenience, user support, trends and methods.


docTYPE as solution for the CompuSet problem

docTYPE is a product that has the ability to seamlessly slip into the gap left by CompuSet. In some projects, it has been possible to perform a complete migration in a matter of just a few hours. Which, in view of the alternative—complete new development—will probably save the company concerned a 7-digit cost in euros.


Benefits of switching to DocuMatrix products


Not only can a renderer with the same philosophy as CompuSet be used, but one that has arrived technologically in the 21st century.


New formats—such as Unicode documents, bar codes, better graphics, RFID chips in the paper, etc.—are supported and provide new options.


The user experience is then just the way you would imagine it to be nowadays. The program offers an experience worthy of the 21st century.


Document rendering is possible for both digital and analog communication e.g. HTML, e-mail, various messenger services, PDF and printing can be combined.

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