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Electronic shelf labelling software

Put an end to manual labels for price marking

The new electronic shelf labelling system for retail replaces the traditional paper labels on the shelves and offers numerous advantages to retailers. We supply you with the suitable software for digital price labelling for all common ESL hardware systems in retail.

Please note, that we only provide you with ESL software solutions to integrate in your directly purchased hardware!

The advantages of the DocuMatrix ESL software solution

Centrally controlable

The ESL solution from DocuMatrix is centrally controllable and conforms to various output formats.

Suitable for all common hardware systems

Electronic shelf labelling software from DocuMatrix can be integrated with common hardware and connects different systems within the company seamlessly.

Uniform information

At the touch of a button, the centralised control of pricing provides optimised information within minutes that is uniform across the company.

Optimisation options provided by DocuMatrix ESL Software at a glance

Optimised sales processes thanks to electronic shelf labelling software

You can use the ESL (Electronic Shelf Labelling) system solution from DocuMatrix to make your price labelling digital, cost-saving and agile. You optimise your sales processes for a paperless future and save precious resources. Our software can be seamlessly integrated into all common hardware systems of the various manufacturers.

Time savings in daily sales operations

Digital and centrally controlled price labels reduce the daily work load of the sales personnel. Your team can concentrate more on essential sales activities because price changes are entered centrally in the control system and no longer require manual replacement on the shelf.

Centralised control of data

Once it has been implemented, the system is connected to many areas of your company. This enables data to be accessed centrally and uniformly so that system-wide data changes can be made quickly and easily. This is not limited to prices. It also includes product names and product descriptions as well as the graphic design of labels, which can be managed completely independently of the output medium. At the same time, a wide variety of display formats can be utilised.

The price is correct – from the shelves to the cashier

Thanks to centralised control of the prices across all areas, consistency of pricing from the shelves to the cashier is guaranteed because it only takes the push of a button to change all displays across the entire system. This also includes various displays and output formats within areas that can be defined at will.

Agile response to the current market activity

The quick and easy control enables you to respond to fluctuations on the market at any time, everywhere within your system, from a central location and within minutes. This option makes your company more agile and flexible. In doing so, you ensure competitive advantages over your competitors.

Natürlich helfen unsere Lösungen Ihnen auch dabei, zeitgleich mit der digitalen Komponente traditionelle Papier-Preisschilder zu bedrucken!

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