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Electronic shelf labelling software

Put an end to manual labels for price marking

The new electronic shelf labelling (ESL) system for retail is gradually replacing traditional paper labels on the shelves and offers numerous advantages to retailers. We supply you with the right software for digital price labelling for all common ESL hardware systems.

Please note that we do not provide you with the hardware, but rather with the software interfaces for the ESL solutions!

The advantages of the DocuMatrix ESL software solution

Single point of change

The ESL solution from DocuMatrix can be controlled centrally. You can operate different output formats in all connected branches with just one interface at the touch of a button.

Compatible with all ESL hardware systems

Compatibility with all common ESL hardware systems available on the market results in a multi-supplier strategy. This means you are not dependent on a label manufacturer.

Uniform information

DocuMatrix software enables fast price adjustments across branches – individually, uniformly and at the push of a button.

Optimisation options provided by DocuMatrix ESL software at a glance

Optimised sales processes thanks to electronic shelf labelling software

You can use the ESL software solution from DocuMatrix to make your price labelling digital, cost-saving and agile. You optimise your sales processes for a paperless future and save precious resources. Our software can be seamlessly integrated into all common hardware systems of various manufacturers.

Time savings in daily sales operations

Digital and centrally controlled price labels reduce the daily work load of the sales personnel. Your team can concentrate more on essential sales activities because price changes are entered centrally in the control system and no longer require manual replacement on the shelf.

Single point of change

With our software, data can be accessed centrally from a single interface in a uniform manner for quick, easy and system-wide adaptation. This is not limited to prices. It also includes product names and product descriptions as well as the graphic design of labels. These can be managed completely independently of the output medium. At the same time, a wide variety of display formats can be utilised.

The price is right – from the shelves to the cashier

Thanks to centralised control of prices across all areas, consistency of pricing from the shelves to the cashier is guaranteed. With our software, you are able to change all displays, regardless of the output medium, across the whole system and free of errors. This is how you meet a high internal quality standard.

Agile response to the current market activity

The quick and easy control means you can respond to fluctuations on the market at any time, across all branches, from a central location and in no time at all. This option makes your company more agile and flexible. In doing so, you ensure targeted competitive advantages over your competitors.

Agility and flexibility allow you to control cross-branch processes quickly and easily. React dynamically to fluctuations in the market and create targeted competitive advantages over your competitors.

Paper price labels and ESL from a single source

You also have the option of managing and printing classic paper price tags with our solutions. Our systems can simultaneously serve all paper formats and various display advertisements, naturally from the same central point of contact (single point of change principle).

Of course, our solutions also help you to print traditional paper price tags at the same time as the digital component!

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