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Creation of individual documents in retail

Save time when generating documents with ready-made building blocks

Orders, invoices, internal communication, customer communication, promotions and vouchers, HR documents and so on…

The list of documents in the retail sector is long and employees often need a lot of time to process them. With our software, you create a central point of contact for data and information, which you can then convert into documents. This saves employees valuable working time. 

The advantages of standard documents in retail

Creation of a central information point

Design a central information hub and manage different output channels with just one system.

Creation of dynamic documents

Achieve fast and efficient document adaptation while maintaining corporate identity.

Perfect connection of IT systems

All existing interfaces are homogenised to more quickly generate the desired documents. 

Optimisations thanks to communication software at a glance

Time savings, simple operation and maintenance

With DocuMatrix software, you can set up a central information hub in your company. This saves you valuable time when creating standard documents. Recurring documents such as order slips, pay slips, shift schedules, invoices, customer offers or order confirmations are managed via a central information memory and created with the help of ready-made modules. Specialist departments such as accounting, HR, customer communication, sales, logistics or marketing get the data they need from a central source. This is how you create uniform information throughout the company as well as transparent and clear communication.

Dynamic documents adapted to each output channel

The central data source can operate a wide variety of output channels at one time, such as letters, e-mails, electronic shelf labels, PDFs and many other formats. This allows you to create dynamic documents with flexible content and form that can be adapted to the output channel. The ready-made templates are still centrally maintained and stored. That means they always correspond to the CI, are compliant with the corporate standard and save time for the IT department. The data is guaranteed to be uniform throughout the system and only needs to be adjusted centrally one time in the event of a change.

Seamless integration into IT system landscape

The DocuMatrix software can be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding system landscape and is compatible with all common systems (CRM, ERP, PIM, etc.). The resulting solution pulls all information and data from the common systems to make it available to your employees for document generation – and ease of use is guaranteed. Nothing changes in your existing IT landscape, but the IT departments are given a significant amount of support in their work. As the DocuMatrix software enables standardisation and simplifies document generation processes, your business operation are accelerated and made more dynamic.

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