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Our product dmDOC

Dynamic, interactive and intelligent creation of documents

dmDOC is an application for interactive document creation in specialist departments with integrated modular document and template administration. With dmDOC, documents are created in accordance with logical rules and selection functions – on the basis of predefined text modules and templates. The editor can interactively re-compose and individualise the centrally administrated templates to meet different customer requirements. Interactive collaboration is possible at the same time. dmDOC provides several benefits that optimise your customer communication and save precious resources.

Benefits for the business communication management


The creation processes for your documents are accelerated


Intelligent documents individualise your customer approach


Approval processes are directly integrated into document creation

The benefits of dmDOC, the interactive output management tool

  • Interactive and dynamic document design
  • Composition of text modules following the rules of logic
  • Straightforward module and template management
  • Integration of approval steps and CI rules
  • Optimised interaction of multiple users using Workbench
  • Easy handling via browser-based web interface
  • Shorter communication paths and action times
  • Independent of system, structure and format
  • Flexible selection of output channels and media

Achievable improvements

Relocation of document maintenance to the specialist departments

Thanks to the easy handling of dmDOC, the staff in your specialist departments can create and maintain documents on their own.

Short time-to-market throughput time

Save time and additional costs through short development cycles combined with efficient and personalised customer communication.

Workflows that cut down on resources

Shorten your communication paths and thus save valuable human resources. Also reduce shipping and printing costs through targeted creation.

Accelerated release process

Integrate your internal approval processes into the document creation workflow to speed up creation and release.

Improved quality of your documents

dmDOC guarantees the optimisation of your documents in terms of content and process orientation.

Customer retention

Long-term customer satisfaction is increased as a result of individual communication paths that are appropriate for the target groups.

How it helps you

Central administration

Specially trained “power users” handle all administration of the templates and text modules, develop them as needed and keep them up to date for the users.

Process optimisation

Something called Workbench is the collaborative tool in dmDOC. It maps the workflow and allows
multiple users to interact in one document. This shortens the throughput time.

Interactive design

By means of selections or rules of logic, staff in specialist departments can arrange text modules,
configure templates and personalise documents as required.


Content is available in various templates and can be re-used, ensuring maximum efficiency in ongoing

In line with compliance

All compliance and CI requirements are integrated into document creation, automatically checked and complied with.

Integrated approval workflow

Integrating approval processes directly into document creation gives a significant boost to the working
speed within the company.

Maximum flexibility

The data interfaces in dmDOC are not specific to one system, structure or format. This allows you to
supply various output formats and establish maximum personalisation when approaching a customer.

Intelligent structuring

User data are assigned to individual templates and structured in data containers in order to avoid time-consuming intermediate steps.

Technical facts

The dmDOC Web application is 100% browser-based and thus independent from local systems or word processing programs.Collaborative work is made possible by an up-to-date WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which allows the user to avoid dealing with technical details.dmDOC enables you to implement individual permission management and optional linkage with LDAP and Active Directory (single sign-on administration).Individualised formats, data types, functions, and templates can be created with the aid of your own customer codes using the dmSCRIPT script tool.

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