Digitalization & process optimisation in the banking sector
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Digitalization and process optimisation
in the banking sector

Use technology to make processes more efficient

Digital processes and communication are gaining steadily in importance. At the same time, the needs and demands of end customers in the banking sector are changing. Banks that design their business processes digitally and automate them to a large degree create competitive edges and organise their daily routine efficiently and in a customer-oriented manner. Use the available technologies to your advantage and optimise your internal processes with our software, for instance to save time in the areas of customer care, contract management and digital onboarding. We are at your side through this changeover process to keep the integration of innovations as smooth as possible. We focus on your business processes and also take into account the needs of your employees.

The advantages of digitalisation in banking

Networking of stakeholders

Establish fast and error-free communication processes by networking all involved stakeholders.

Reduction of processing times

Increase your efficiency by integrating optimised processing times for your business processes.

Use of digital communication platforms

Avoid errors in business operations caused by manual processing.

Process optimisation through DocuMatrix software solutions at a glance

You can considerably optimise crucial processes in banking such as digital onboarding, contract management, customer care, individualised correspondence or networking of inbound and outbound communication with digital communication options.

Process optimisation in the banking sector

You ensure a high standard of quality throughout the company with targeted process optimisation. You increase your competitiveness because you can react to changing customer demands in the market with an optimised customer experience. The company-wide measures for digitalisation also result in a long-term reduction in costs. This is one way you can ensure conscious use of resources, for example with employees, postage or paper, and reduce your ecological footprint at the same time.

Our software forms a communication hub that your company can access centrally. This allows you to manage and monitor your business processes throughout the company according to the single point of change principle. This avoids annoying media breaks because your documents remain digital and do not have to be printed. This prevents incorrect information transfer, and processes are carried out more quickly and without errors.

Networking of all stakeholders in the ecosystem

With the implementation of a central information hub, all involved stakeholders will be bundled on one platform, where they can interact and collaborate in a common document. This is how you can manage the networking of different departments or customer centres. This means long processing times due to the spatial and geographical separation of individual branches, for instance when sending paper documents, are a thing of the past. Digital documents can be accessed in-house or at other locations for processing or approval in seconds. The processing time of operations is drastically reduced, your team can react faster and better to customer requests, the productivity of the company is increased and customer satisfaction rises.

Short processing time due to predefined processes

Our software provides context-dependent workflows and approval processes for all stakeholders on a common platform. These predefined processes considerably simplify the handling of operations. They also unify and ultimately standardise various business processes throughout the company. In compliance with certain QA criteria, our software enables smooth workflows, and entirely without interruptions or disruptions to the business process.

Our software is also multilingual, so you can easily bridge language barriers. This makes it easier for you to enter new markets or operate barrier-free in multilingual countries and without any additional effort for your employees.

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