Benefit processing software for insurance companies
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Benefit processing software for insurance companies

Make benefit processing direct and interactive with DocuMatrix software

Processing benefits usually involves many questions from clients and partners. At the same time, the insurance company has to provide accurate information about the payment process and the acceptance of benefits. Quality assurance and compliance play just as important a role as customer-oriented communication through multiple channels. DocuMatrix products help your organisation respond to requests in an efficient and customer-oriented manner.

The advantages of processing benefits with DocuMatrix software

Increasing customer loyalty

Use the targeted communication method your customers want without extra effort.

Easy integration into system landscapes

Use DocuMatrix products quickly and easily using standard interfaces.

Full traceability and transparency

Every interaction is traceable, with compliance increased thanks to automated processes.

Responding to the needs of the client

The processing of benefits is the second central element in customer communication for insurance companies, after the contract system. The process starts with the submission of benefits and ends with the settlement or rejection of these by the insurance company. Communication in this process is always related to the event and involves different persons, such as the insured person, service providers or partner companies. The customers want quick and clear information as to whether the submitted benefit request will be covered by the insurance or not. Delays, low-quality communication or undesirable forms of communication lead to a reduction in customer satisfaction in the long term. DocuMatrix software enables the departments to communicate quickly and in a targeted manner with all parties involved using predefined processes and content. The focus is on the customers and their needs. For instance, this makes it possible to use the same templates for different -communication channels. The guided and interactive creation of documents also allows for case-specific topics to be addressed.

Support of specialist departments

The creation of documents for benefit processing is often associated with a lot of work for the specialist departments. It is not uncommon for several specialist departments (e.g. contract, legal or benefits departments) to be involved in a claim. Digital support of the specialist department in customer communication reduces effort, ensures the quality of the documents and increases employee satisfaction. DocuMatrix software helps with templates and modules as well as the integration of other systems (such as the results of inbound management), which allow for targeted customer communication. The focus of the specialist department is always on the customers and the content. Compliance with the corporate identity and design as well as adherence to processes is automatically ensured by the system. Collaborative elements can also be used to support communication between departments – and this is completely digital and regardless of where individuals are located.

Quality and compliance

Benefit processing as well as the documents generated is based on accuracy and compliance with certain standards. The use of pre-made templates and modules with DocuMatrix software enable a “basic assurance” of quality. However, in benefit processing, due to the wide variety of cases, many user-defined texts and case-specific additions are also made in the individual documents – and the quality must assured here as well. In addition to content quality assurance, traceability and adherence to compliance rules are also required.

That is why DocuMatrix products have integrated approval workflows that are triggered according to certain parameters, such as a specific benefit amount. In this way, the quality of case-specific content can be assured systematically. In the process, the dmDOC  system ensures that all users involved and all actions taken are logged at all times, thus making them traceable.

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