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What we stand for

Our values

Every company needs values to serve as a lodestar.
Values reveal what is important to the company, and what it stands for. They are a feature of the team and point the way into the future.


The more complex the initial situation, the higher our motivation to find an efficient solution for you.


We create intelligent business communication management solutions to provide you with efficient and flexible business communication.


With more than 20 years of experience and a great team, we can meet any challenge.


Our colleagues are devoted to their vocation. This passion creates a unique team spirit that allows them to accomplish any task and make #TeamDocuMatrix even stronger!
How passion is put into practice in our company:

  • Challenging and responsible activities
  • Team building, game evenings and LAN parties
  • We attach great importance to our colleagues’ opinions. Every voice counts!


When it comes to innovation, our colleagues are way ahead of the game – the motto of “keeping our finger on the pulse of the future” is strictly followed and embodied in our company. How we define innovation:

  • Exciting projects, a modern working culture and low-peak hierarchies
  • Flexible working hours and home office
  • Free choice of technical equipment, as well as a hardware account for all colleagues
  • Coding Day: once a year, our developers have the chance to program whatever they want and present it afterwards!


If you stop getting better, you stop being good! We support our colleagues and offer them numerous opportunities for further education and training. #TeamDocuMatrix benefits from the strengths of individuals, and together they are unbeatable!
How expertise is put into practice in our company:

  • Further education and training for colleagues
  • Today’s young professionals are tomorrow’s experts. We give students the chance to learn from us during an internship

“With the right attitude, we can create milestones. Our values accompany us in every decision we make.”

– Markus Gruber

Managing Director DocuMatrix GmbH

“At DocuMatrix, we walk the path together and achieve the goal as a team.”

– Maik Schawalder

CEO DocuMatrix Schweiz AG

“We are not a number in the company, we can realize ourselves here!”

– Michael Korte

Teamlead Project Management

Can you identify with these values? Become part of our team.