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Our cloud solution dmServices

Future-oriented use of DocuMatrix products in the cloud

dmServices Is DocuMatrix’s own cloud solution, through which you can quickly and easily use Documatrix products and services.
dmServices was developed in-house by us and extends the existing and remaining on-premises, private cloud and public cloud capabilities for using our products.

Within a very short time, dmServices provides you with docPIPE5 and dmDOC instances. In addition, we also offer you a service for comparing PDF files via this platform.

Benefits for the business communication management


Independent control over instances and user accounts


Easy creation of instances of the products and thus quick usability

Data secure

Your data remains in the chosen country of choice and you have full control over it.

The advantages of dmServices – the cloud solution

  • Dedicated server (currently one in Switzerland, others in planning). Data thus remains in the country of choice. Hoster/data center is ISO 27001 certified.
  • Own development and therefore no dependency on hyperscalers or other cloud providers.
  • Independent, fast and simple use of the services offered, e.g. for creating a dmDOC or docPIPE instance.
  • Also independent and simple import of updates.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Scalability by ordering suitable packages.
  • Control over running instances.
  • Easy possibility to use new features and services.

Achievable improvements

Parallel instances

Use parallel instances of docPIPE and dmDOC to separate and distribute tasks.

Fast deployment

Create new instances quickly, easily and independently

Control of the instances

Check the instances and the storage space via the dmServices interface.


Order packages that best fit the use of the user base and the resources required.

Cost efficiency

Usage-based billing – “pay what you use”

Relevance for your business

Data security
Compatibility and integration
Maintenance and updates

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