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Our product docTYPE

The document formatter that delivers maximum performance

docTYPE is a high-performance formatter that supports you in creating your personalised individual and mass mailings by taking care of formatting and preparing data. On the basis of the information flow from supplier programs (e.g. ERP, CRM, insurance systems, etc.), docTYPE configures the text, design, graphics and chart sets in compliance with the customer’s profile, CI specifications and user definitions. Especially with high volume documents, docTYPE – thanks to its powerful performance – will serve as the centrepiece of your enterprise output management system.

Benefits for the business communication management


Automatic data read-out from different sources


Uninterrupted work flow thanks to maximum compatibility


Processing of high-volume & dynamic data

The benefits of docTYPE

  • Dynamic document creation
  • Data-controlled output
  • Integration of CI rules
  • Global document style sheets
  • Flexible marketing and transport options
  • Fast and result-oriented implementation

Achievable improvements

Intelligent formatting

Defined format specifications and CI guidelines are automatically applied and enable dynamic formatting.

Accelerated creation process

As a result of the one-of-a-kind single point of change, global CI guidelines can be defined and updated at a single point.

Fast formatting process

The automatic reading and processing of files saves time and cuts additional costs.

Long-term customer retention

Formatting that is individualised and appropriate for target groups increases customer satisfaction in the long run.

Relevance for your business

Dynamic formatting

Data-controlled document creation amalgamates the input data, the specified rules and the defined format stipulations. The result is a dynamically created document, in which the layout, paginations and page references are carried out in conformity with the rules. As a result of this, docTYPE enables intelligent formatting.

Use for advertising, marketing and informational purposes

Use the remaining space for personalised advertising and marketing purposes thanks to the dynamic high-performance formatter.

Global style sheets

Define global CI specifications in your own style sheets. Changes to the CI specifications, such as the font, side margins, paragraphs, etc. can be made directly in the style sheets. The changes then take effect for all defined documents.

Different input formats docTYPE processes all common types of input data. They are converted using a tagging process. This guarantees easy and fast integration into your existing infrastructure.

Different output formats

Also on the output side, all common file formats, such as HTML, PostScript, PDF, AFP, PCL, SVG, etc. and combinations thereof are supported.

Collaborative work

Combining this tool with dtEditor, the advanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, makes collaborative work on documents easy.

Technical facts

docTYPE can be integrated into existing system landscapes easily.docTYPE supports all common input and output encodings and can also create multi-encoding documents.The input data is tagged using a proprietary application – independently of the delivery system.docTYPE helps you get the most out of your resources through multi-threading and caching.docTYPE data processes to be edited without any media breaks thanks to the integrated development environment. Graphical debugging, interactive previewing and syntax highlighting are features that make the output management efficient and time-saving.

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