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Software for logistics in the retail sector

How you can optimise your logistics processes in a retail company

It is invaluable, particularly for retail companies, to save time when moving goods and cut costs by coordinating more efficiently. Learn here how you can optimise your logistics processes in the long run to boost the success of your company.

Advantages of logistics optimisation in retail

Cost savings

Automated processes can save you costs & resources in the long run.

Optimised use of time

Context-based, optimised and interlinked processes save you precious time in every area of your company.

Consistent flow of goods

Using optimised processes, you ensure a consistent flow of goods that provides ideal conditions for high turnover.

The optimisation options of retailer logistics at a glance

Optimised inventory due to centrally controlled stock

Centrally controlled stock and product information can help you quickly identify potential gaps in the supply chain. Automated processes in the background ensure that workflows are optimised and that time is saved in critical processes.

Perfectly connected proprietary and third-party systems

Our software solutions smoothly connect your existing infrastructure, such as the merchandise managing system, product inventory management (PIM) and the various systems of your suppliers. This makes it possible to run many processes automatically in the background, not to mention quickly and swiftly without unnecessarily burdening your staff.

Centralised control of documents on incoming and outgoing shipments

The digital and centralised control of incoming and outgoing shipments ensures uniform and fast processes in logistics. Centralised access to document management and archiving safeguard short response times in your company. This allows, for instance, for the digital and automatic identification of containers, for efficient planning of transport routes and for the automatic creation of information sheets for logistics.

Optimum use of resources thanks to context-based processes

Every second counts. By digitalising the logistics processes, you save valuable time – particularly when saving, managing and creating documents in the delivery process. Our systems allow you to reach the right contact people more quickly. This means response times are shortened and efficiency in the company increases. because the context-based pre-sorting of the processes automatically forwards the right data to the right contact person.

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