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Software for logistics in the retail sector

How to optimise your logistics processes in a retail company

Saving time when moving goods and cutting costs by coordinating more efficiently is invaluable, particularly for retail companies. Learn here how you can optimise your logistics processes in the long run to get your company on track for success.

Advantages of logistics optimisation in retail

Standardisation in logistics processes

Standardised processes ensure clear procedures that help optimise time and resources.

Optimal distribution of information

Design your logistics processes efficiently and take advantage of a transparent and seamless flow of information.

Automated processes

Automated and standardised logistics processes with targeted use of resources save costs in the long term.

The optimisation options of retailer logistics at a glance

Standardisation in logistics processes

With DocuMatrix software, you generate recurring documents, for instance pallet slips, delivery and order slips from a central system. This resource-saving process always uses the same building blocks, which can be automatically filled with the correct data. Relevant data from different systems, such as the ERP, are used to generate dynamic documents for this purpose. This simplifies work for your team, always corresponds to the specified CI and runs faster. This process also optimises the operations running in the background, with information now available in real time. With transparent information and integration of all stakeholders in the value chain, you can better time deliveries of goods and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. You also eliminate communication problems in the company, save time thanks to the smooth processes and reduce logistics costs in the long term.

Optimal distribution of information

With DocuMatrix software, you prevent information asymmetries in the company. It makes all deliveries transparent, thereby providing all stakeholders with relevant data in real time. GPS tracking for deliveries and trucks, for example, supports this process. Among other things, it helps to optimise the management of staff for deliveries of goods through a central information hub. This gives you a clearer overview of delays in delivery traffic or other unexpected events.

Multilingualism of all components

Language challenges among clients, logistics experts, product managers, suppliers and schedulers can be circumvented with our software. This is because all information and document modules can be used in multiple languages. This also minimises delays caused by language differences.

Automated processes

Standardised processes enable you to automate all workflows in another step. For instance, standardised documents and notes can be created and forwarded automatically via the central information hub in the company. The same software interface can also connect all relevant stakeholders with real-time communication and send automated status updates on deliveries. This saves valuable communication time and creates short, transparent and clear processes for everyone involved.

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