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Our product docPIPE

The high-performance & uncomplicated enterprise output process manager

The docPIPE process manager monitors the entire process which your output passes through. It helps you to quickly and easily provide and transmit wide-ranging information from a variety of sources in personalised form and on multiple channels. This ensures the simple, efficient and flexible management of your documents, paving the way for hassle-free, individualized and state-of-the-art customer communication.

Benefits for the business communication management


Consistent overview of all input and output systems being used


Linking of all business communication programs for smooth collaboration


Traceability & reconstruction of each individual document


Extensive monitoring and reporting functions

The benefits of docPIPE

  • Flexible integration platform
  • Easy handling via browser-based web interface
  • Scalable according to requirements
  • AI-supported quality assurance
  • Compatible with various formatters and document creation systems
  • Complete control over your output
  • 24/7 operation for gapless data security
  • Dissemination via numerous and multiple channels, such as centralised and decentralised printing, archiving, email, online portals, etc.

Achievable improvements

Seamless integration

Integrate docPIPE into your existing IT system landscapes without complications.

Avoiding redundancies

Use docPIPE company-wide as a central enterprise output management system (even globally).

Modular structure

Adapt and expand the functions of docPIPE depending on the requirements of your company.

Increased flexibility

Make your business processes more efficient and respond more quickly to changes while cutting costs more than ever before.

Continuous logging

Use the results of continuous process monitoring for statistics and reporting.

How it helps you

Efficient scheduling 

Distribute the “jobs to be done” in business communication in a way that cuts down on resources or time your delivery according to the internal specifications of your company.

Integrated spooling 

Use the integrated spooler for all your document creation processes.

Direct releases

Release your documents directly using the docPIPE Web interface (email, print, PDF, multichannel).

Uncomplicated re-creation

You can reprint faulty jobs easily using the Web GUI.

Quality assurance

Gain valuable knowledge for your quality management by running a step-by-step analysis of the information continuously recorded by docPIPE.

In line with compliance

docPIPE checks all processes continuously to ensure adherence to compliance policies.

Comprehensive post-processing

Stay informed at all times – even after document creation is complete – regarding the status of your consignment with specific information on enveloping, bundling and bar codes.

Continuous monitoring 

Receive all necessary information about creating comprehensive statistics and linking to the corresponding reporting tools.

Overarching direction

docPIPE takes output management to a new level: Documents can be prepared by multiple people, merged or bundled according to certain attributes and finally sent through different channels at the push of a button. In practice, this means efficiency, a simple overview and coordinated document sending.

Technical facts

  • Support of various input interfaces, such as LPR, HotFolder, SOAP, REST, command line, file upload.
  • Connection to various input systems (e.g.: SAP, legacy and others) and input formats (e.g.: XML, JSON, RDI, etc.). The control centre is compatible with all common formatters.
  • docPIPE can be easily connected to SAP, enabling rapid further processing of your data.
  • Any number of users can log in via the docPIPE web GUI, since it is a multi-user system. The allocation of authorisation groups is done by the administrator.
  • The integrated restore function ensures that your data are available at all times, even in emergency situations. In cluster mode, the failure of a server can also be compensated for.
  • The system is configured, monitored and managed via a browser-based web interface. No other software components are necessary for system handling.
  • The backend is developed in Go, the frontend with Typescript. The scripting engine uses JavaScript as standard, which makes it easy to find software developers. Nevertheless, alternatives can be integrated seamlessly. The up-to-date structure means that your company will be optimally equipped for the future.
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