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Deuterium open-source
cross-platform library

Generate dynamic documents

Deuterium is an open source library that allows you to develop cross-channel documents directly in your business application.
The library uses the docTYPE formatter in the background, providing advanced rendering capabilities that make it very easy to create appealing documents.
By supporting different platforms, we offer easy access and the possibility to use development tools and processes that are established in your company.

docTYPE and Deuterium

DocuMatrix offers docTYPE, a rendering engine that enables customers to create all documents for their corporate communications. docTYPE uses a tag language that is optimized for document design. Particular focus is placed on the ability to format documents dynamically and in a data-driven manner.

15 years after docTYPE was developed, DocuMatrix is taking the next step with Deuterium, offering the option of designing documents using code in addition to the existing tag language.

This development is based on the one hand on market analyses on the part of DocuMatrix and on the other hand on numerous customer feedback, which has repeatedly been received by the company.

Disadvantages of inappropriate library tools

There are currently numerous open source libraries on the market that can be used to create PDFs. However, especially in large companies and complex projects, it is essential that all developers and architects involved in the project use libraries that ideally serve the needs of the project. If unsuitable tools are used, the speed and maintainability of the entire field of work suffer massively.
In addition, processes are only insufficiently mapped, traceability is not given and the focus is usually only on rendering the PDF, which means cuts in other forms of presentation. Eliminating these inadequacies after the fact is often time-consuming and cost-intensive.

Therefore, we set ourselves the goal of developing a library that is easy to use for all stakeholders and users, while optimally serving the requirements of large companies.

The advantages of Deuterium

Choose a formatter that perfectly fits your project and is easy to integrate.

  • Easily design documents from code
  • Generate different output formats with one code basis
  • Enjoy the convenience of a state-of-the-art formatter
  • Ensure maintainability and speed of your project
  • Follow internal compliance requirements through traceability

Currently, the programming languages TypeScript and JavaScript are supported. In the future, we plan to expand the library to other languages and output formats, as well as seamlessly integrate it with our docPIPE product.

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