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Reduce Time-To-Market and Generate Documents at Top Speed

Cloud solutions are state-of-the-art in the 21st century software sector. However, corporate communications work with critical data sets that must not leave the company and strict GDPR regulations that must be legally complied with. Hurdles and obstacles in this regard used to be, for example, driving the print center from a cloud solution, as this often contradicted the internal compliance guidelines. However, DocuMatrix software is designed to operate from the cloud with high performance and in compliance with all data protection regulations. Bring your entire business communication into the 21st century with us.

Advantage of DocuMatrix Cloud Solutions at a glance

Lower communication costs

Save significantly on costs, as your IT infrastructure can become leaner on site and consume fewer resources.

Faster Time-to-market

Project lead times are reduced to an absolute minimum, because the company’s own IT infrastructure is not burdened.

Scalability of server utilization

Use server power exactly when you need it and avoid idle servers without computing power.

All our software solutions can also be used in the cloud. You can choose between hosting your cloud in our company, a hybrid variant on-premises at your company and an independent cloud off-site, hosting at the well-known hyper-scalers or your private cloud in your own company.

Your options for cloud operation with DocuMatrix

DocuMatrix Cloud

You can conveniently run all our products in the DocuMatrix cloud. This is an excellent way to lay off your internal IT infrastructure and secure valuable benefits of cloud operation, such as speed and on-demand computing power.

Hybrid cloud solution

You can also use our software solutions hybrid at any time. Some of the data you need to process is then stored in the cloud to save space and resources, e.g. backup scenarios; however, your highly sensitive data, such as master data or HR data, does not leave your company and remains completely in-house. This model is particularly well suited if you have to comply with very strict data protection requirements in some cases.


If you are already working with hyper-scalers, you can integrate our products on these services at any time. This is particularly useful if you need highly fluctuating computing power for data to be processed. There you can add a lot of infrastructure quickly and on demand.

Private Cloud

You can also use our products in your own cloud at any time. In doing so, you get everything you need to handle your corporate communications in your own solution and can scale quickly and as needed. This is certainly the best solution for all companies that operate in your field with highly sensitive data.

Your advantages with the DocuMatrix Cloud

Security is written in capital letters

Security is of paramount importance to our company and data protection is a top priority for us. When you entrust us with your data, we therefore assure you that it is stored on our own infrastructure and not hosted by a third-party provider, such as a hyperscaler. We take the issue of security very seriously and therefore conduct regular internal and external audits to identify potential security vulnerabilities. These audits are automated, as well as manually controlled, to ensure that our measures are always up to date. Your data is in good hands with us and we do everything we can to keep it secure at all times.

Regional hosting for your infrastructure

Our servers are located in the DACH region and therefore always close to you. If you opt for our cloud solution, you are guaranteed regional IT hosting and thus the option of storing your data in a data center near you. This offers you a number of advantages, such as faster data transfer and higher availability on demand. Since the data centers are positioned in Europe and your own country, you can also be sure that the hosting complies with local data protection regulations. In addition, you can also obtain faster and more effective support when needed, as we are close by and respond quickly to your requests. Consciously avoiding near- and offshoring in IT is close to our hearts and strengthens the local economy – take a look at our involvement in ICT Austria and Swiss ICT.

Green Hosting for your Cloud

Unlike conventional hosting solutions, which often rely on energy-intensive servers and infrastructures, green hosting uses renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power. This reduces the carbon footprint and protects the environment. In addition, cloud technology enables flexible scaling of resources so that customers only use the capacity they actually need. This not only saves costs, but also reduces energy consumption and thus environmental impact. Read everything about our efforts for a sustainable IT sector.

Faster time-to-market

Cloud solutions offer companies the opportunity to drastically shorten their project lead times and achieve a faster time-to-market. The use of cloud infrastructures eliminates time-consuming internal infrastructure processes, such as the procurement and maintenance of hardware and software. Instead, companies can draw on the cloud providers’ existing resources and scale them flexibly. As a result, projects can be implemented more quickly and products or services can be brought to market faster. Another advantage of the cloud is the ability to work independently of location. This is particularly advantageous for international companies, as employees can access the same resources from anywhere in the world.

Targeted scalability of all efforts

Cloud solutions offer companies the opportunity to flexibly scale their IT efforts and make optimal use of them. Unlike conventional servers, which are often only utilized at certain times and otherwise lie idle, cloud servers can be scaled up or down as required. As a result, the company’s computing needs are optimally covered at all times and there are no unnecessary costs for unused resources. Especially in the case of seasonal fluctuations, such as increased utilization at the beginning of the year or quarter, cloud services are the best solution. This is because companies can quickly and easily add additional resources to meet the increased demand and reduce them again as needed. This allows companies to optimize their IT costs while ensuring high availability and performance.

Choose a license that is tailored to your exact needs. We deliver custom performance and effort, and provide accurate billing of your monthly quota.

You want more info? We are also happy to advise you personally.